The Raidho Canine Way™
"When we listen to our animal's perspective it changes our lives in magical ways." - Kim Howatt
Welcome to Raidho Canine
I am so happy to have you here in this place of curiosity and opportunity!
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The Raidho Canine Way™ builds confidence so that clients feel empowered and in flow with their dog.  Whether taking a walk, performing sports, or making day-to-day decisions, we are here to support and guide you along your journey.

The Raidho Canine Way™   creates a connection of deep communication between the  dogs  and their humans so that there is clarity within the relationship. With clarity comes harmony, and with harmony comes a more easeful and joyous relationship.

The Raidho Canine Way™ offers options and alternatives that are unique to each human-dog relationship so that daily life becomes more peaceful, loving, and fun. No one relationship is the same as another; therefore, one size fits all solutions can fall short.

We believe the dog's point of view is always important, but when challenges arise and when current solutions are not creating desired results, it is definitely time to listen to the dogs point of view. As the world moves towards a focus on relationship, connection, and "wholistic" living with our beloved dogs, The Raidho Canine Way™ is a perfect choice.  We are here to support and guide you  as you discover a deep,  soul-full connection  with your dogs.

At Raidho Canine, we listen to both the human and the animal as the different perspectives often highlight a disconnect in the flow of a relationship. Listening to all parties is the catalyst to a mutually respectful and beautiful relationship with our animals.

We have built Raidho Canine on foundational principles, three of which are authenticity, respect, and honesty for that is how our animals live in this world.  We also love to have a whole lot of fun as we learn!

We offer one-to-one single sessions and packages where we work with both the dogs and the humans.  Each session begins with an animal communication and ends with a powerful coaching session live on Zoom. The dogs are involved as they choose during this live coaching session. While a single session is powerful, the ability to work together over several sessions has proven to be transformational.

The dogs don't beat around the bush. They always bring honesty, and it is always a great learning experience. They are here to help us find our inner strength, confidence, and self-esteem. 

Alongside our one-to-one offerings, we lead Canine Co-Creators  Adventures  with very small groups of humans and animals. These adventures occur several times per year, and are very limited in space due to the depth of the work.  Weekly  teachings are guided by the animals' communications  revealing dynamic insight into who they truly are from a soul level.  Canine Co-Created Adventures has proven to be  a magical experience that creates an incredible bond between the human, the animal, and the entire group.

If you are open to listening to your animal at the deepest level, and if you are open to learning the lessons they will offer to you, then let's work together.
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Hi! I'm Kim, and I am excited to guide and facilitate this journey with you!
I am stoked that you found your way to this space, and I am so excited to meet you! I love watching as my clients Connect-Align-Transform™ their lives every single day. It is truly one of my greatest joys to witness others as they step into their own unique power. It is one reason why I have worked hard to create

The Raidho Canine Way™

Our lives can be challenging and feel quite messy at times. It is when we begin to explore our experiences through a lens of curiosity and wonder that magic happens. What lights me up and holds my deepest passion is to share all that I have learned and experienced with other like-minded folks. I love that instant when the lightbulb pops on, the perspective shifts, and relationships change. 

My life as an adult has led me through darkness and into light. Raidho Canine's programs and services have been created as a result of deep, personal experience as well as continuing education and studies.

From personal health challenges to  canine health and behavior challenges, I was searching endlessly for someone to fix us. I did not realize that I have known that person for my entire life, and she was me.... and we did NOT need fixing.

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It hasn't always been pretty, and it will never be perfect. Our  life with our dogs has transformed from daily challenges, struggles, and guilts into a harmonious and playful way of being together. Writing this bio today and doing what I do within Raidho Canine was never on my radar as a young adult. I wasn't a kid who dreamed of working with animals for a living.
I wanted to be an astronaut and an olympian.

Interestingly, two of my favorite childhood books are Charlotte's Web and A Wrinkle In Time ... so it seems this love of animals and adventure was always present and simmering beneath the surface of my consciousness where it remained until that moment when the universe said it was time for change and called my number.

After college, I went to work as a computer programmer and married my best friend. Life was great, and I began what would unfold as an amazing career that catapulted me into an executive role. I never thought that I would leave what seemed so perfect until it was time to retire and relax. The universe has a funny way of showing us it's time to change. It is often not very subtle!

From the time we were married, we always had at least one dog in our family.  Our first as a newlywed family was  a corgi named Kramer, who introduced me to essential oils and animal communication. I failed to see the connection at the time.  Our next dog was a beautiful and extremely happy Australian Shepherd named Payton. She stole my heart. Vinnie joined us 3rd, followed by Zam, Biggs, Jango, and Zorii Bliss. Each one of these beautiful souls brought unique lessons to our family.  Today, Zam, Jango, and Zorii Bliss complete our loving little nuclear family.

Jango... A super intelligent and very special dog. His journey with me is a huge part of why I am here today both teaching and learning. When we picked him up from the rescue at 9 weeks old. This dog was to be my everything dog. I dreamed of dog sports champion titles, traveling the country, and a socializing with all. We had big plans!

I didn't know  that he was about to save my life. This saving was not the heart gripping,  "Jimmy fell down the well" kind of saving.  From my early adulthood, I fought health challenges... I fought them. I would do whatever it took to fix them. I was an athlete in college, and as an adult I was broken. I no longer fight these challenges. I embrace them as positive experiences, and I have Jango to thank for this as he has been my perfect mirror.

Working side-by-side with animals tugged and pulled at me until I said yes to the change in career. I tried for a long time to keep it as merely a hobby, but there is absolutely no doubt  that I was called to this career, and I joyously say YES!  This career change has saved me and shown me what is truly important in my life. Funny thing is this current life feels as if it has always been my life.

If you would like to read more of this story click the button!

I welcome each of you with humble gratitude to Raidho Canine.
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Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda
Are you stuck? 
  • Overwhelmed and frustrated
  •  Scared and/or worried about health or behavior challenges
  • Giving up after "trying  everything"
  • Humiliated by your dog's outbursts
  • Confused by your animals' signals and body language
  • Wished your dog could speak 
  •  Angered or hurt by others' comments and opinions related to your dog
  •  Feeling hopeless with no changes even after continuous training
  • Guilty for not being "good enough"
  • A trialing  "failure"
  • Always asking "Why?"
  • Going from trainer to trainer with no result
  • Addicted to "fixing the problem"

If you are overtraining and underperforming, there is an answer! It is time to unlock your potential and empower your life.

Connect-Align-Transform™ today!

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The Raidho Canine Way™ 
Our Promise
To the Humans: I promise to be your channel and guide into the imaginal realms where we will see life with our animals in a new way. Together we will gain understanding and find empowerment through the unique perspectives of our animals. I will facilitate this energetic relationship with honesty, integrity, and grace, and I will maintain the highest level of trust as we journey with curiosity and open minds.

To the Animals: I promise to honor your energetic communications with a pure interpretation and represent your truth to the best of my abilities. I will respect and honor your wishes and work together with you to share your point of view through my interpretations. I will both learn and teach your lessons with love, gentleness, and gratitude.

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Working With Raidho Canine Benefits You and Your Animals by
Creating a safe environment for an honest conversation so that we can understand core challenges
Removing guesswork  through animal communication so that  we create a holistic roadmap of  ideas and options
Building trust in the human/animal relationship  so that stress simply melts away
Improving confidence so that we begin to stop second guessing our decisions
Bridging the communication gap  so that relationships can deepen through understanding
Seeing challenges as opportunities so that roadblocks disappear
Creating a deep bond built on respect and honesty leaving no need for others' approval
Experiencing life through curious eyes  leaving blame and judgement  behind
Removing the weight of guilt, blame, and frustration so there is room to bring in peace, joy, and playfulness
Increasing confidence  in decisions and actions so that we build mutual trust with our animals
Finding day-to-day Zen  even in the midst of chaos
Creating a strong partnership team so that competing is fun!
Eliminating Performance Anxiety  so we have more fun
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Raidho Canine's Three Pillars Model
Connect - Align - Transform™
Connect  - Enhance your connection with your animals to foster a deeper understanding and embrace accountability for the experiences you create together.

Align -  Harmonize body, mind, and spirit through Raidho Canine's comprehensive roadmap and holistic techniques.

Transform  -  Experience a transformative shift in your mindset and broaden perspectives.
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The Raidho Canine Way™
Let's Stay in Touch!
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Raidho Canine Services
Canine Co-Creators
8-Week Adventure
The Dog Led Learning Experience
8 Weeks of group meetings
8 Weeks of open office Q&A meetings
6 Full Animal Communications with the animal accompanying you on the adventure
2 one-to-one sessions with Kim during weeks 4 and 8
Professional Transcripts of each communication session
Private Group for continued support and interactive sharing
Organized content and access to all lessons for the lifetime of their existence
One-to-One Sessions
Animal Tales & Aromatic Trails
Tailored Single Sessions and Packages Available
Animal Tales Professional Animal Communication 
No Limit to Insights and Information requested 
Professional Transcript detailing the communication
Live Zoom Powerhouse Coaching Session
Multi-Session Packages for in-depth learning opportunity
What Clients are Saying
"We receive these blessings with humble gratitude" - Kim Howatt
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You changed our relationship and our lives.

I began this journey with you having no idea where it would take us. I was struggling to communicate with my extremely fearful rescue dog and feeling very guilty about our relationship. It wasn't a bad relationship I just didn't feel like I really understood her or who she truly was. I had a lot of guilt because I felt like I was lacking in how to support her in the way she needed to feel comfortable and confident. I wasn't sure I was giving her what she needed to succeed. I felt like I was failing. I wasn't even sure she was happy. The guilt and disappointment in myself made me so sad which in turn impacted our relationship.

Our journey of enlightenment with you was scary, uncomfortable at times, eye opening and in the end amazing. You helped me to understand not only my girl but things about myself and my prospective and how that impacted our relationship. Helping us to communicate on the same level improved our relationship 100%. Is my girl cured of her fear, no but we have improved so much together. Having a better understanding of who my girl really is and how she sees the world changed how I look at her. It changed what I see thorough her eyes and showed me the colors and the magic that she sees in the world and brings to my life. We have the tools to keep moving forward. Thank you for opening my eyes, my mind and my heart so I could see, hear and feel all her magic and love her honestly knowing that she is truly happy and secure. 
Kelly and Twisty P
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This was an amazing and magical experience. Our life together has changed so much. Having so much more fun together, enjoying each day. Nadir being able to tell about his wishes, his thoughts, for 6 weeks in a row has helped me to truly understand what he needs and what makes him happy. He has changed from a dog who was all over the place to a calm and happy dog. Still bouncy and full of joy, but in a different way. Showing me we can be bouncy and joyful and at the same time being totally present. My perspective of several things I was worried about or sometimes frustrated has changed and it brings so much more relaxation and happiness. Nadir asking for a Secret Garden is I think the most beautiful gift he could have given me. We go there every day 💞 The Wisdom all the dogs shared with us, it was amazing!✨️

So simple yet so profound.

Showing us that going inward, where we can find all our treasures, is where we can grow more and more.
And last but not least....... Thank you Kim for being the dogs channel, enabling them(probably for the first time)to speak up, share their wishes and thoughts but especially for them to be able to share their incredible Wisdom. You have given all of us a beautiful gift.

I love how you are able to put their messages together in a clear way so we all can understand what they needed us to know.💓🙏

This was for me, until now, the most incredible adventure I have had together with my dogs 💞✨️🙏💃💞
Georgina & Nadir
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I'm so glad I signed up for the Dog Guided Approach adventure.   I had the time of my life and was blown away with the unique approach of having the dogs guide us through the six sessions.  They had so much to share, and I hadn't realized how much I could learn from them.  I have a much stronger connection with all my dogs now.  I worry less and look forward to our special time in the secret garden.  Kim did a fantastic job facilitating and I can't wait for the next adventure.
Bettina Nowicki & Murphy
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Kim has recently had conversations with 5 of our girls. When she felt complete, she sent me the transcripts… wow, such incredibly profound messages from all of them.  I could really feel the nature of their exchanges, depending on each individual’s energy, which transpired in the conversations. Kim’s humor and vulnerability were also very present, the dialogues made it obvious that the girls also had messages for her through the chats.  The communications give me such a deeper perspective of who I’m spending my life with!  They are like guardian angels, so full of wisdom, while also being very real “dog-beings” with concrete observations about our everyday life together.  Since I’ve read (and re-read, and re-re-read 😉) the communications, something deep has been changing in them, in me and in our relationships, in very practical ways too. 

Thank you Kim, from the bottom of our hearts, for opening up that new space for us as a family.

Cécile & Her 5 Pack - Mon Chien, Mon Partenaire
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Donny is in his senior years and life has changed a lot for my boy as he becomes less active. His world is becoming smaller as he spends more and more time indoors. However Donny continues to be spirited and I admire the way he adapts to his lifestyle without complaining.

When I contacted Kim for a communication with Donny, it was because I wanted Donny to have someone he could trust to have a conversation with. To enjoy sharing his stories, knowing that Kim would facilitate the safe space for him to do so.

And sure enough when Kim sent me her beautifully typed up transcript of the conversation Donny had with her, it was filled with memories of the things Donny used to love doing. Reading and recalling those times truly lifted me up too. It was a wonderful way to remind me to not just focus on the care-taking aspects of Donny day-to-day but to make space and time to listen to Donny share his favourite memories with me.

Joanne & Donny - Animal Communications Insights
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Kim’s services and animal communication with my new pup Emmie simply blew me away.

The sessions provide a generous level of detail and insight and went above and beyond anything I was expecting. Her connection with Emmie was clear and spot on and addressed a specific concern I was having around crate training by offering me the pup’s point of view. What I thought was the issue around the crate was something else, and having that insight allowed me to find better solutions.

What I really appreciate is how Kim honors your pet through an easy conversational approach, as if they’re two good friends having coffee. She works with you the owner and your pet to create more ease and harmony in the relationship.

If you are looking to connect with your animal(s) in a deeper way or just wanting clarity around a specific issue, ask Kim! I cannot recommend her more highly!

Julie & Emmie - Julie Sanford Healing
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Kim has a wonderful way of creating the space for people and animals to feel safe, heard and understood. With her open–hearted and intuitive style, combined with a lovely sense of humor, she effortlessly bridges the communication gap between animals and their people, allowing a deeper understanding and connection to flow between them – what a wonderful gift this is!

Kim makes animal communication simple and easy for anyone to understand, and helps us to see that we can and do communicate with our dogs all the time – we simply need to re-discover how to tap into that.

In her warm, friendly and easy going style, Kim opens up the communication channels between dogs and their carers. She gives dogs a voice, allowing them to share their own personal message for us. This not only allows us to see them as the unique individuals that they are, but also reveals clues to the deeper, soul-purpose journey that we are here to share together.  

Sue Mimm - Heart Connection Dogs
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Thank you so much for this beautiful communication with Noura!

When I had seen a photo of Noura and knew she was coming to live with me I started looking for a new name for her. I also looked at the meaning of the names and Noura was the first but also the only name that felt right for me. It means “Inner Light” It made me cry when I read what she said about her purpose here and listening to her song  Isn’t she something!
Georgina & Noura
Raidho Canine History
The Rest of The Raidho Canine Story
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... picking up with Jango's story  from  the MEET KIM section...

Jango's early puppyhood went smoothly and he was amazing. He had lots of friends both human and canine. He was grounded, hilarious, and he was confident. He passed his training classes, earned a trick title, represented our rescue at events, and he earned his canine good citizen.

Around 7 months old he became very ill, and he lost 10 pounds (this is BAD for a puppy who is to be gaining weight as he grows). He was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, but at this time we didn't understand the catalyst. While we kept the pancreas under control with nutrition, he was still sick often. At 20 months old, he became angry, reactive, and uncontrollable. He could not be around people or dogs any longer. Thinking it was a training issue, we went from trainer to trainer, even working through reactive dog class.

Nothing worked, and I felt like a failure. We stopped our life, and Jango rarely left our property. I continued my research, and we went back to our vet. I am grateful every day that she saw what was happening. She recognized that the catalyst was a rabies vaccine reaction. The timing fit perfectly with his injection to illness at 7 months old and his injection to personality shift at 20 months old. After his second injection, our life changed. I began to study. A lot. Nutrition and homeopathy. Training vs. partnership. Course after course after course. My mission was to fix him. I blamed myself. I blamed the vaccine, and I spent much of my days frustrated and angry at myself for "ruining my dog".

The Reflection 

During this same time period, I was incredibly unwell.  I had no life force and no clue how to change. I "tried everything".  Focusing on fixing Jango gave me a purpose. One day while in the rabbit hole of research on how to fix my broken dog, I found a clinic to support me. DING! That feeling! It felt so right that I instantly took 2-weeks off to go to another state for treatment. This single choice and experience is a dynamic catalyst to my life and Jango's life changing in ways I never dreamed possible. Can you tell the universe is gonna step in again? This time it's a doozy!

I felt like the Grinch after I returned from the clinic. My heart opened and grew 3 sizes it seemed. Doors opened and before I knew it we were working with a dog's  partnership coach to shift the relationship Jango and I had from command and obey to a mutually inclusive and respectful partnership.

A holistic approach to life with our animals became a hobby. My mind was insatiable suddenly to the world of animal behavior and relationships. The list of courses was growing by leaps and bounds including behavior, body language, and Functional Character. Then Partnership Coaching Certification, Botanical Self-Healing Certification, Reiki Healing Certification, and an animal communication mentorship.  I was a sponge for more and more information and more and more courses. Hmmm, this may no longer be a hobby... I made the decision to leave my tech career in a single moment,  driving the short distance  from the gym back to work. I walked straight in to the boss' office and declared my intention to retire

Raidho Canine's evolution continues as I began to realize how human emotions played into our animals' emotions and behavior. This is so clear every time I communicate with the animals.

Time for more studies, LoL - Carl Jung and other human psychology, Caroline Myss' Archetypes, and human mindset. I continue to learn every day alongside my role of guiding clients and their animals as they discover a deeper and more meaningful relationship, confidence, and their own incredible inner strength.

As I have ruminated on the why of not realizing this passion sooner in my life, I now know that I was meant for two vastly different careers. I have needed each one exactly as it transpired to lead me to this moment in time.

I am thrilled today that  Jango and I have an incredible relationship.
He is affectionate and loving, and he chooses to spend most of his days at work with my husband receiving treats and love from his friends there. He is healthy and happy. Our life together is different than my original dreams, and it is a beautiful life. It is our life.

I welcome each of you with humble gratitude to Raidho Canine.

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How Raidho Canine Came into Being
Rune Raidho
 Years ago, on our first adventure to Europe, we chose to go on a Scandinavian tour. Jim and I fell in love with the people, the places we visited, and the history & the mythology. Fast forward quite a few years into the future.

My life completely changed when I retired from my IT career to embark on a new journey. I was a week away from my last day as a programmer, and Jim gifted me a bracelet with 3 rune symbols of Elder Futhark. One of the 3 symbols was the rune Raidho. The first moment I began reading about the beautiful meaning of this rune was the moment that Raidho Canine was born.

This quote from Maginrose sums Raidho up beautifully.

“Raidho governs the motion of the stars and the dance of the universe. Closer to home it is the road: the simple act of putting one step in front of another. Not sure where to find it? Listen to your heart beat. Raidho brings alignment with the ordering principles of the universe. When we are properly connected to Raidho we walk the path, rough or smooth, with sensitivity, grace and purpose. Raidho teaches us to balance our own needs with the needs of those around us.”

“Raidho is rhythm and ritual action. It is the integration of all aspects of the self. It is harmony between inner consciousness and outer reality. To be in tune with Raidho is to proceed gracefully upon your path and to live rightly. The act of ‘riding’ requires you to be aware of the world around you, to direct your steed, but it also provides you with support – your horse or carriage will carry you forward if you tend it and guide it well.”
Pink Lotus
As I progressed through the Botanical Self-Selection certification, I resonated with Pink Lotus Absolute. It has become our family ally. If anyone in our home is feeling “off”, we open this aromatic and soon our entire family will be gathered around, calm and at peace. To use this incredible flower as a part of the logo was perfect.

Lotus Flower symbolism and meaning from Saffron Marigold

“Because lotuses rise from the mud without stains, they are often viewed as a symbol of purity. Since they return to the murky water each evening and open their blooms at the break of day, lotus flowers are also symbols of strength, resilience, and rebirth. Still another lotus flower meaning is transcendence: the lotus represents the transcending of man’s spirit over worldly matter since it blooms from the underworld into the light.”
See Raidho's Credentials
Now is the time to create a soul-full connection with your animals
by investing in the Raidho Canine Way™  today, you will close the doors of frustration, guesswork, and confusion. New doors will open that create a beautiful connection bound by love, light, and curiosity.

When you invest in Raidho Canine''s flagship group program, Canine Co-Creators Adventures, you will work in harmony with like-minded people and their animal companions to unleash the confidence and self-esteem that already exists inside. I will facilitate and lead this group as the animals teach us from their perspective, shifting our mindset and transforming your relationship.

When you choose to work with Raidho Canine one-to-one, you have options!

When you invest in our  Animal  Tales & Aromatic Trails Sessions, we will focus on your relationship with your animal, unlocking what is hidden behind the veil of confusion by bridging the gap of miscommunication. We will create clarity within the relationship, altering the human perspective as we create a holistic roadmap to a deep connection with ideas and options for change.

2023   Raidho Canine,   all rights reserved. Questions? Email: