The Raidho Canine Way™
"When we listen to our animal's perspective it changes our lives in magical ways." - Kim Howatt
Welcome to Raidho Canine
An innovative and customized approach to life with our companions
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The Raidho Canine Way™

Welcome to

The Raidho Canine Way™

Guiding people to build strong, loving, and fun relationships with their beautiful animal companions.

Services we offer:
  • Canine Co-Creators Adventure - Raidho's signature program. Join a small group of humans and one of their chosen companions as we go on an EPIC 9 week adventure where the animals lead the way! Find out more: CANINE CO-CREATORS 9-WEEK ADVENTURE
  • The Enlightenment Subscription: 9 private one-on-one sessions where we work together consistently over several months. Each session with a communicator gives a snapshot of that point in time. The Enlightenment Subscription offers 9 snapshots, which will create a far more in-depth story, offering back & forth  communication for deeper understanding, deeper healing, and opportunity for experiments and adjustments. Find out more: ENLIGHTENMENT SUBSCRIPTION
  • A Single one-on-one session:  We work together for several days and get a snapshot of what is happening in the moment. This sessino offers a deep understanding of your animal in relation to present day topics, questions, and concerns. Find out more: SINGLE SESSION

Raidho Canine is built on foundational principles, three of which are empathy, authenticity, and integrity for that is how our animals live in this world.

Fun and laughs are abundant and never in short supply!

Let's work together.
About Raidho Canine 
Welcome to Raidho Canine, where your journey with your dog opens up deeper connections with nature, yourself, and the extraordinary world around us.

Through heartfelt animal communication, we uncover the stories your dog has to tell—stories that resonate with the natural world and mirror our innermost selves, guiding us toward personal growth and understanding.

The Raidho Canine Way™

At Raidho Canine, each wag and each whimper are not just an action but a reflection, part of a larger narrative that reveals truths about both of you. We help you decipher these tales, forging a bond that transcends the everyday and taps into the elemental truths of life. This journey isn’t just about addressing challenges—it’s about embracing the rhythms of nature and discovering the lessons hidden in plain sight, reflected through the eyes of our dogs.

Our path together is rich with discovery and filled with moments of profound connection. It's an adventure that weaves the stories of our lives with the wisdom of the natural world, inviting us to live more harmoniously and fully.

Are you ready to transform the way you see your dog, and yourself? Join us at Raidho Canine for a journey into the heart of your canine relationship. Let’s explore the extraordinary lessons waiting for us in the everyday, and let every step bring us closer to the true essence of our shared existence.
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I help dog owners transform relationship challenges into opportunities for growth so they can experience true partnership and joy with their furry companions.

 The Raidho Canine Way™  
Are you someone who is:
 Always asking "Why?"
Frustrated  by miscommunication
Worried by health challenges
Embarrassed by misbehavior
Confused by mixed signals
Frazzled from constant outbursts and judgements
Overwhelmed by too many options and opinions
Exhausted from always trying to "fix" the issue
Perfect in practice but a stressed out mess during trials

The Raidho Canine Way™
Focus on what is POSSIBLE
Create a relationship that is based on respect, empathy, and teamwork
Build trust in yourself so that you reach your highest potential in life with your animal and beyond
Give your companion a voice through animal communication so that you eliminate assumptions and guesswork, widening your perspective
Improve self-esteem so that you stop seeking outside approval and begin to trust decisions that are best for yourself and your family
Reframe challenges so that you become curious instead of controlling, lifting you into higher vibration
Create a deep bond built on clear communication so that decisions are empowering and never exhausting
Replace victim mindset with curiosity so that we experiment and courageously step out of our comfort zone
Take confident, decisive action so that there is trust and respect within the relationship
Creating a strong partnership team so that there is a strong foundation, making competition fun and joyful
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The Raidho Canine Way™
Let's Stay in Touch!
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Raidho Canine Services
The Raidho Canine Way™
Raidho Canine Offerings
Tailored For You and Your Dog
Every session is created from a communication with your companion, covering the requested topics, questions, and concerns but also allowing the animal to lead the way. A beautiful conversational dance done both real-time in a live call as a continuation of a two-way chat that occurs just prior to our meeting. You will be given both a full transcript of the conversation and lifetime access to a recording of our live session.

Choose what feels cozy. Choose what fits your schedule.
Canine Co-Creators: Dog-Guided Adventure - A 9-week experience conducted with a small group of humans and their companions. We meet twice each week.
One For The Team: 1 private session - This is done over a few days together. Receive both a transcript and a live communication session so that you receive the most out of our time together.
Enlightenment Subscription: 4 Private Sessions - Concentrating on deeply understanding the animal, we will meet 4 times. Each session receive a transcript and a live communication session.
Circle Community Access - FREE and monthly membership opportunity.
Reiki Healing - Provided for animals and/or humans. Email for details.

Botanical Self-Selection - available in-person if in my local area or via Zoom if distance is too great. Email for details.


Archetypal Consulting - Certified through the CMED Institute the sessions are done via phone or Zoom.


What Clients are Saying
"We receive these blessings with humble gratitude" - Kim Howatt
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You changed our relationship and our lives.

I was struggling to communicate with my extremely fearful rescue dog and feeling very guilty about our relationship. I just didn't feel like I really understood her or who she truly was.

Helping us to communicate on the same level improved our relationship 100%. Having a better understanding of who my girl really is and how she sees the world changed how I look at her. We have the tools to keep moving forward. Thank you for opening my eyes, my mind and my heart so I could see, hear and feel all her magic and love her honestly knowing that she is truly happy and secure. 
Kelly and Twisty P
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This was an amazing and magical experience. Our life together has changed so much.  The Wisdom all the dogs shared with us, it was amazing!✨️

So simple yet so profound.

And last but not least....... Thank you Kim for being the dogs channel, enabling them(probably for the first time)to speak up, share their wishes and thoughts but especially for them to be able to share their incredible Wisdom. You have given all of us a beautiful gift.

This was for me, until now, the most incredible adventure I have had together with my dogs 💞✨️🙏💃💞
Georgina & Nadir
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I'm so glad I signed up for the Dog Guided Approach adventure.   I had the time of my life and was blown away with the unique approach of having the dogs guide us through the six sessions.  They had so much to share, and I hadn't realized how much I could learn from them.  I have a much stronger connection with all my dogs now.  I worry less and look forward to our special time in the secret garden.  Kim did a fantastic job facilitating and I can't wait for the next adventure.
Bettina Nowicki & Murphy
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Kim has recently had conversations with 5 of our girls… wow, such incredibly profound messages from all of them.  I could really feel the nature of their exchanges. The communications give me such a deeper perspective of who I’m spending my life with! Since I’ve read (and re-read, and re-re-read 😉) the communications, something deep has been changing in them, in me and in our relationships, in very practical ways too. 

Thank you Kim, from the bottom of our hearts, for opening up that new space for us as a family.

Cécile & Her 5 Pack - Mon Chien, Mon Partenaire
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When I contacted Kim for communication with Donny, it was because I wanted Donny to have someone he could trust to have a conversation with. To enjoy sharing his stories, knowing that Kim would facilitate the safe space for him to do so.

And sure enough when Kim sent me her beautifully typed up transcript of the conversation Donny had with her, it was filled with memories of the things Donny used to love doing. Reading and recalling those times truly lifted me up too. It was a wonderful way to remind me to not just focus on the care-taking aspects of Donny day-to-day but to make space and time to listen to Donny share his favourite memories with me.

Joanne & Donny - Animal Communications Insights
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Kim’s services and animal communication with my new pup Emmie simply blew me away.

The sessions provide a generous level of detail and insight and went above and beyond anything I was expecting. Her connection with Emmie was clear and spot on and addressed a specific concern I was having around crate training by offering me the pup’s point of view. She works with you the owner and your pet to create more ease and harmony in the relationship.

I cannot recommend her more highly!

Julie & Emmie - Julie Sanford Healing
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Kim has a wonderful way of creating the space for people and animals to feel safe, heard and understood. With her open–hearted and intuitive style, combined with a lovely sense of humor, she effortlessly bridges the communication gap between animals and their people, allowing a deeper understanding and connection to flow between them – what a wonderful gift this is!

She gives dogs a voice, allowing them to share their own personal message for us. 

Sue Mimm - Heart Connection Dogs
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Thank you so much for this beautiful communication with Noura!

When I had seen a photo of Noura and knew she was coming to live with me I started looking for a new name for her. I also looked at the meaning of the names and Noura was the first but also the only name that felt right for me. It means “Inner Light” It made me cry when I read what she said about her purpose here and listening to her song  Isn’t she something!
Georgina & Noura
Raidho Canine History
How Raidho Canine Came into Being
Rune Raidho
 Years ago, on our first adventure to Europe, we chose to go on a Scandinavian tour. Jim and I fell in love with the people, the places we visited, and the history & the mythology. Fast forward quite a few years into the future.

My life completely changed when I retired from my IT career to embark on a new journey. I was a week away from my last day as a programmer, and Jim gifted me a bracelet with 3 rune symbols of Elder Futhark. One of the 3 symbols was the rune Raidho. The first moment I began reading about the beautiful meaning of this rune was the moment that Raidho Canine was born.

This quote from Maginrose sums Raidho up beautifully.

“Raidho governs the motion of the stars and the dance of the universe. Closer to home it is the road: the simple act of putting one step in front of another. Not sure where to find it? Listen to your heart beat. Raidho brings alignment with the ordering principles of the universe. When we are properly connected to Raidho we walk the path, rough or smooth, with sensitivity, grace and purpose. Raidho teaches us to balance our own needs with the needs of those around us.”

“Raidho is rhythm and ritual action. It is the integration of all aspects of the self. It is harmony between inner consciousness and outer reality. To be in tune with Raidho is to proceed gracefully upon your path and to live rightly. The act of ‘riding’ requires you to be aware of the world around you, to direct your steed, but it also provides you with support – your horse or carriage will carry you forward if you tend it and guide it well.”
Pink Lotus
As I progressed through the Botanical Self-Selection certification, I resonated with Pink Lotus Absolute. It has become our family ally. If anyone in our home is feeling “off”, we open this aromatic and soon our entire family will be gathered around, calm and at peace. To use this incredible flower as a part of the logo was perfect.

Lotus Flower symbolism and meaning from Saffron Marigold

“Because lotuses rise from the mud without stains, they are often viewed as a symbol of purity. Since they return to the murky water each evening and open their blooms at the break of day, lotus flowers are also symbols of strength, resilience, and rebirth. Still another lotus flower meaning is transcendence: the lotus represents the transcending of man’s spirit over worldly matter since it blooms from the underworld into the light.”
See Raidho's Credentials
Re-Discover Your Power
Our animals bring us the greatest gift. They offer us loving reflections into our lives. Honest, loving reflections. We do the same for them. We are in this life together, for great purpose. Invest in your relationship today. Raidho Canine is here to listen, support, and guide you as you begin to understand how incredibly brilliant you are, how incredibly brilliant your companions are, and how you came to be together in soul purpose.

Working with Raidho Canine will create open lines of communication between you and your animals. The disconnects within your relationship will become obvious, and this knowledge alone brings on an inner awakening. We will support you as you apply the knowledge and bring harmaony and balance back into your life.

Choose from our Canine Co-Creators Adventure, where the dogs take the lead and guide our intimate group for an epic 9 weeks together. If groups aren't your thing, then we offer one-on-one opportunities as well. Choose from a single session or subscribe to 9 sessions.

Each of our offerings focus on the relationship that you have with your animal. We will unlock what is hidden, unblock what is stuck, and support you as you begin to TRUST in your inner knowing. It is this trust that gives you great power and brings empathy and respect to this incredible 2-way relationship. Clarity arrives out of the haze as we create a holistic roadmap towards your goals.

Don't forget to join us in our FREE Circle Community today!  The Raidho Canine Connection Zone awaits!

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