Discover the MAGIC of
Canine Co-Creators
9-Week Dog Guided Adventure 
  Embark on an adventure of a lifetime alongside one of your four-legged companions where you will be blown away by the incredible wisdom and insight the dogs share as they guide us towards a confident and unshakable bond.

Get ready to unleash your potential!!  
The Raidho Canine Way™
"You changed our relationship and our lives." 
Kelly & Twist
Did you know that our dogs' actions often mirror our thoughts and behaviors? Step into Canine Co-Creators as we learn to recognize and decode these reflections!
Be a part of the magic!
Frustrated by constant misbehavior
Confused by unclear messages
Guilty for over-emotional responses
Devastated by chronic pain/sickness
Embarrassed after each outburst
Anxious during every performance
Ashamed from being angry at your dog
Jealous of others successes
Overwhelmed by training options
"This was an amazing and magical experience"
Georgina & Nadir
A Transformational Adventure
Learn to Listen as we chat with the dogs each week
Actively Converse with your dog by asking questions and seeking insight each week 
An Open Heart allows the lessons to permeate deep into your soul
Real-time conversation six weeks in a row provides deep understanding through honest and connected conversation
Weekly reflections created directly from the animals' wisdom are a new way to explore this life we share
Weekly Q&A discussions dig deeper into the teachings and gain clarity
Grow confidence through this nine weeks by being a present and active member
Feel empowered through the wisdom shared by all of the dogs and humans
Laugh, let go, and have fun in our space knowing you are fully supported
Connect Honestly
Align Effortlessly
Transform Your Life
Reach Your Potential
Empower you Life!
When we feel the embarrassment of outbursts from our dog, it stings. No, it cuts deep. We feel so many emotions swirling inside of us from shame to anger to frustration, and we begin to feel unworthy and afraid of what our life will be with a dog who struggles at life. We feel hopeless.

Well, I am here to offer you a new solution. A bold solution. We are going to do things
The Raidho Canine Way™
The Canine Co-Creators Dog-Guided Adventure offers an opportunity to turn the tables what we think that we know. This mastermind puts the dogs in the driver's seat. We humans are so good at making assumptions to answer our questions when it comes to our dog's behaviors. Now you will be able to ask them directly, and I guarantee the answers will blow your mind. The goal is to empower you, to explore your relationship in a new way and to build an unshakable foundation for your relationship to thrive.

Join us as we begin a journey into understanding our dogs!
The Raidho Canine Way™
The Three Pillars:
Connect - Align - Transform
CONNECT:  Connect with your animal each week through animal communication as I play interpreter for your concerns and questions. An open heart and an open mind will begin to form your foundation as you begin to understand what your dog needs and what your dog is communicating to you. 
ALIGN: with your inner knowing. This 2-way connection builds trust in your relationship.  Rediscover the Magic of the Human-Canine Bond. 
TRANSFORM: Take in the information, apply the skills and knowledge that resonate, and let the rest go floating past. You hold the key to unlocking the amazing potential of your relationship with your dog. Let Canine Co-Creators be the catalyst for change.
"I had the time of my life and was blown away with the unique approach of having the dogs guide us through the six sessions" 
- Bettina & Murphy
Raidho Canine Origins
Connect - Align - Transform

Raidho Canine's programs and services have been created as a result of deep, personal experience dealing with injury, illness, and trauma with both humans and dogs.

Dissatisfied with results and a refusal to accept that this was all that was possible, I became exhausted from years of trying to follow the path laid out by someone else. So many trainers and so many techniques.

One day I decided to follow my heart. The message was clear. I was to study and become the guide for others. The result is:

The Raidho Canine Way™ 

The challenges we experienced resulted in years of study in many arenas. Dog behavior, animal communication, botanical self-selection, partnership coaching, Jungian psychology and archetypal human patterns, and an insatiable love for learning. The studies turned from self knowledge to full time hobby to a brand new as owner of Raidho Canine.

Raidho Canine and each beautiful new experience has saved me and shown me what is truly important (and possible) in my life. Now, it is my turn to give this gift to others who are ready to reach beyond what they see is possible. I am forever grateful for all of the hard days, the tears, and the growing pains. Without it, I am not here, living my dream.
"Thank you for opening my eyes, my mind, and my heart so I could see, hear and feel all her magic"
Kelly & Twist
An Empowered Life
Energy is the driving force in life, and it's expansion is fueled by joy and love. If we are running on empty, our ability to be there for our dogs and for others is diminished. Are you ready to ignite your confidence and rise to your full potential?

Canine Co-Creators offers an enlightening path to understanding not only your dog but also yourself. Together, we will thrive and nurture balanced relationships, ensuring a brighter future for both you and your furry companions.
Live freely, feel energized, and have fun! Learn to be present with your dog and become an amazing team. You'll be shocked at how your dog responds when you become more present and take responsibility for your actions. Adventures with your dog will be joyful and worry-free. Just a small shift in mindset can make a profound difference for your dog.

Everyday life with your dog will be harmonious and fun. Little moments will bring great joy, and what once seemed like big obstacles will diminish and possibly disappear. I'm here to guide you as your dog will lead the way. Take action and empower yourself to live a vibrant and fulfilled life.

"You have given all of us a beautiful gift. This was for me the most incredible adventure I have had together with my dogs.
Georgina & Nadir
The Raidho Canine Way™
Effortless Connection - Develop a deep bond with your dog through 6-7 weeks of 2-way conversations and 8 weeks of twice per week meet-ups
Clear Communication - turn confusion into clarity by listening to your dog's perspective and creating a new way to be together that suits both of you
 Peace of Mind - Embrace your dog's messages, and smile because you "get each other" now
Confident Choices - Trust in your own gut feelings, and make choices that align with your family's lifestyle
Harmony - Remove the mystery of behavior by unlocking the secret to your dog's emotions. Learn their unique patterns
Balance - Listen to all sides, consider several options, and confident action and you will create a balanced relationship
Laughs - Our dogs tell it like it is, and it is hilarious
Reflection - Learn how our dogs mirror our energies, and show us a view of ourselves. This is priceless treasure.
Freedom - Trust this connection and all that it offers you. One day you wake up free from your attachment to outcomes.
 Let me be your guide on a profound co-created journey of soulful connection and unconditional love with your dog, unveiling a deeper understanding of their energy, communication, patterns, and personalities. Together, we will reach a new level of trust, reaching new heights in our relationship with our dogs. Release the grip of control and embark on a curious adventure. 
What Clients are Saying
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You changed our relationship and our lives.

Helping us to communicate on the same level improved our relationship 100%. Having a better understanding of who my girl really is and how she sees the world changed how I look at her. 
Kelly and Twisty P
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This was an amazing and magical experience.

Our life together has changed so much. Having so much more fun together, enjoying each day. He has changed from a dog who was all over the place to a calm and happy dog. 

This was for me, the most incredible adventure I have had together with my dogs 💞✨️🙏💃💞
Georgina & Nadir
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I had the time of my life.

I was blown away by the unique approach of having the dogs guide us through the sessions. I have a much stronger connection with all my dogs now.

Bettina Nowicki & Murphy
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Wow, such incredibly profound messages from all of them.

The communications give me such a deeper perspective of who I’m spending my life with! Something deep has been changing in them, in me and in our relationships ... in very practical ways too. 

Cécile & Her 5 Pack - Mon Chien, Mon Partenaire
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When I contacted Kim for communication with Donny, it was because I wanted Donny to have someone he could trust to have a conversation with.

Reading and recalling those times truly lifted me up too. It was a wonderful way to listen to Donny share his favourite memories with me.
Joanne & Donny - Animal Communications Insights
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Kim’s services and animal communication with my new pup Emmie simply blew me away.

The sessions provide a generous level of detail and insight and went above and beyond anything I was expecting. She works with you the owner and your pet to create more ease and harmony in the relationship.
Julie & Emmie - Julie Sanford Healing
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Kim has a wonderful way of creating the space for people and animals to feel safe, heard and understood. 

In her warm, friendly and easy going style, Kim opens up the communication channels between dogs and their carers. She gives dogs a voice, allowing them to share their own personal message for us. 

Sue & Charlie - Heart Connection Dogs
The Raidho Canine Way™
Canine Co-Creators
 9-Week Dog-Guided Adventure
It is time to free yourself from confusion and have some fun!
*** Limited Spots Available ***
It is time to Join the fun and embark on this life-changing program!
Join us in the epic Canine Co-Creators Adventure and you will receive
$2200.00 Investment
Weekly Animal Conversation - The week's conversation with your companion sent to you in a professional transcript. Week 2 through 8 (subject to adjustment)
Weekly 90-Minute Live Sessions - These sessions occur once per week Presentations will be created from the wisdom and insights of the dogs' communications. Week 1 will be an introductory week where we introduce ourselves and our adventure companions
Weekly 60-Minute Open Office Hours - These sessions occur once per week for Q&A and Coaching. This will be an open discussion where we come together and share thoughts as a group. Occurring weeks 2-9
Access to session recordings - For when you can't be there live or rewatch and review each week's gatherings for as long as they exist.
Lifetime Access -  Canine Co-Creators Adventure material will be available to you for the lifetime of its existence via the Circle Community (or wherever it may move, LoL)
Private Canine Co-Creators Spaces within Raidho Canine's Circle Community for group participants only. Access to material and a discussion space.
Investment Plan options will be made available
$2200.00 Investment
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Choose the VIP package and receive these extras!
$3300.00 Investment
Private one-to-one session near the end of the adventure
60-minute live Follow-Up Session with you and your dog (within 6 months of adventure completion)
60 Days Free access to Ignite & Inspire Membership group after the adventure has ended
$3300.00 Investment
Fill out the application and schedule your complimentary Ignite & Inspire Session!

We will make sure this program is a great fit for all involved!

Are you ready? I am!

"You changed our relationship and our lives." 
Kelly & Twist
Choose the BONUS package and PAY IN FULL to receive the bonuses below!
BONUS 1: One one-to-one private session scheduled between week 8 and week 9
BONUS 2: 60-minute live Follow-Up Session with you and your dog. Anytime within 6 months of adventure completion
BONUS 3: 60 Days Free access to Ignite & Inspire Circle Member's Only group with Raidho Canine's Circle Community.
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Canine Co-Creators 9-Week Adventure
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Follow directions in welcome email: to get started with sending important information to Kim
Invest in Your Relationship:
You're investing in your relationship with your dog and also with yourself
Take Responsibility:
Do the work. Apply the learning. Stay curious
How You Show Up Matters:
Come to the sessions live, be on time, ask questions, and have some fun!
Set the Example:
I will be there for you and give 150%
Never hesitate to contact Kim:
EMAIL with questions or comments
Embrace a life of ease and joy for you and your dogs with our transformative program.
Bask in the result of your efforts and watch as your relationship soars to new levels of love and understanding!
Sign up today, before the spots are filled!

Receive 3 exclusive bonuses when you choose the BONUS package and pay in full!

BONUS 1: One-to-one private session between week 8 and week 9

BONUS 2: 60-minute live Follow-Up Session with you and your dog. 

BONUS 3: 60 Days Free access to Ignite & Inspire Circle Member's Only group

Canine Co-Creators Adventure is a cutting-edge experience where you will receive weekly communications from your canine companion.

We will harness the power of the consistent communication alongside the group dynamic. This continued connection provides real-time honest feedback from the animals. This new understanding will begin to shift your perspective and see your relationship through new eyes. It is that transformational.

I take honesty and integrity very seriously, and my promise to you is to be your interpreter, mentor, and guide through this beautiful process of discovery.

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