Discover the MAGIC of
Canine Co-Creators
8-Week dog guided adventure 
  Embark on an adventure of a lifetime alongside one of your four-legged companions where you will be blown away by the incredible wisdom and insight of the dogs. They will guide you  towards a confident and soulful bond and deep understanding.
Get ready to unleash your potential!  
The Raidho Canine Way™
"You changed our relationship and our lives." 
Kelly & Twist
Dogs express themselves through actions and behaviors, which can be easily influenced by our own emotions. This fusion can lead to misunderstandings and misinterpretations.
Their actions often mirror our own thoughts and behaviors. Step into Canine Co-Creators, and be a part of the magic!
Are you eager to improve your dog's behavior?
Do you feel:
challenged to communicate with your dog?
guilty when you don't understand a situation?
lost when your dog is "out of sorts"?
disconnected in your relationship?
full of self-doubt thinking your dog is unhappy?
something that is missing in the relationship?
judged by other dog parents?
performance anxiety during competitions?
humiliated by misbehavior?
Overwhelmed by too many options, opinions, and decisions?
"This was an amazing and magical experience"
Georgina & Nadir
A Transformational Adventure
One-to-one animal communication each week provides new perspectives and new levels of clarity
Converse with your dog by asking questions and seeking insight each week 
Open lines of communication provide the space for improving your relationship and deepening your bond
Real-time conversation provides options and explorations that were not available to you before
Weekly lessons created directly from the animals' insights are a new way to explore this life we share with our companions
Weekly open discussions provide small group insights in a safe space with like-minded people
Build confidence through understanding your animal's opint-of-view
Feel empowered knowing that your animals are happy to be on this journey right beside you
Laugh, let go, and have fun in our space knowing you are fully supported
Enjoy listening to the wisdom as each dog shares their messages
Discover the power of self-honesty and how it leads to  a peaceful joyous life with your animals
Connect Honestly
Align Effortlessly
Transform Your Life
Unlock Potential
Empower you Life!
No matter what type of household you find yourself in - whether it's a fast-paced hub of high-performance or a laid-back sanctuary of daily walks - Canine Co-Creators is an unparalleled journey tailor-made for those seeking a profound connection with their canine companions. This transformative 8-week adventure is an invitation to truly understand and connect with your canine companion, gaining insight into their perspective on the world. The dogs in the group bring forth a pure, authentic, and profound wisdom that has the power to change lives.

The Raidho Canine Way™ was born out of firsthand experience and a deep-seated desire to assist dogs and their people. I intimately understand the struggles of hitting rock bottom in a relationship because I've been there myself. It is through years of devoted study, extensive research, and personal growth that The Raidho Canine Way™ was born.

This program creates a rich environment that encourages transformation of relationships. Sharing heartwarming stories of success and struggle from both dogs and humans creates a common ground where everyone feels heard. You will be supported, respected, and inspired by our community. Together we will discover confidence and strength that we never knew was inside of us.  It is time for you to establish a profound, soul-enriching bond with your loyal canine companion.
The Raidho Canine Way™
The Three Pillars:
Connect - Align - Transform
CONNECT:  Unlock the Power of Connection with Canine Co-Creators. Open your mind to the power of multiple perspectives and let the deep connection with your dog expand your horizons.
ALIGN - Rediscover the Magic of the Human-Canine Bond. Embrace your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, align them with your dog's, and witness the transformation of your relationship in extraordinary ways.
TRANSFORM: - Simple changes bring profound transformation. Only you hold the key to unlocking the amazing potential of your relationship with your dog. Let Canine Co-Creators be the catalyst.
Discover the extraordinary possibilities that await you and your furry companion as we gently guide you towards a life of boundless love and happiness. Embrace the effortless nature of living in freedom and harmony, leaving stress and pressure behind. Witness the profound transformation in your dog, as they willingly become your unwavering sidekick, drawn to your authentic and aligned way of being.
"I had the time of my life and was blown away with the unique approach of having the dogs guide us through the six sessions" 
- Bettina & Murphy
Hi! I'm Kim and I am excited to work together.
I'm an Animal Wisdom Alchemist, and I will be your guide for this 8-week this adventure!
Working collectively as a group holds tremendous power, and it brings me immense joy to witness the deepening of relationships, as well as the discovery of your own inner strength and confidence.

Canine Co-Creators Adventure is the signature offering and a carefully crafted component of

The Raidho Canine Way™

It's time to turn your relationship up full throttle!

Come and be part of our upcoming 8-week adventure as we bring together a symphony of human and canine souls. Fueled by the simple yet profound canine communications, we will embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery.

This immersive experience is tailored for each group, driven by the connections we cultivate together.

From facing personal hardships in my own life to addressing the health and behavior issues of our dogs, I found myself in a constant search for solutions. Countless doctors and trainers were consulted, but I discovered that the real solution resided within ourselves - we were not broken and didn't need fixing. It was during this transformative process, fueled by my own personal experiences and continuous learning, that Raidho Canine's programs and services came to life.

Our life with our furry companions has encountered its fair share of challenges, yet we have managed to turn it into a vibrant and joy-filled adventure. Writing this bio for Raidho Canine and pursuing my passion was never part of my plans as a young adult. Instead, I dreamt of becoming an astronaut and an Olympian.

Once college was behind me, I ventured into the realm of computer programming, and I married my best friend. Life couldn't get any better, and my professional journey soared to remarkable heights. It never occurred to me that I would leave this career until the time came to enjoy the slower pace of retired life. The universe had different plans for my future, and she has a peculiar way of making it clear when it's time for a change, often without any subtlety!

This work has taught me a powerful truth: our dogs reflect who we are. Every interaction we have becomes a mirror, revealing opportunities for personal growth and transformation. As I evolved in my mindset, so did Raidho Canine evolve. I am here to serve as your guide and mentor, helping you navigate the path to connecting deeply with your dog, yourself, and the abundant beauty of life

Animal Communication serves as a driving force in my work, igniting the Canine Co-Creators Adventure. Emphasizing the importance of listening to dogs' viewpoints alongside the human's viewpoints, this approach enables human companions to shift their mindset and align with their companion. Throughout my exclusive one-on-one work over the years, I have witnessed incredible transformations and witnessed the power of loving connection emerge from the ashes.

Together, we let go of outdated belief systems, paving the way for personal growth. This group adventure spans 8 weeks of gatherings, 6 weeks of animal communication insights, and the opportunity for personalized one-on-one work.

Love & Light
"Thank you for opening my eyes, my mind, and my heart so I could see, hear and feel all her magic"
Kelly & Twist
Connect - Align - Transform
Energy is the driving force in life, and it's expansion is fueled by joy and love. If we are running on empty, our ability to be there for our dogs and for others is diminished. Are you ready to ignite your confidence and rise to your full potential?

Canine Co-Creators offers an enlightening path to understanding not only your dog but also yourself. Together, we will thrive and nurture balanced relationships, ensuring a brighter future for both you and your furry companions.
Live freely, feel energized, and have fun! Learn to be present with your dog and become an amazing team. You'll be shocked at how your dog responds when you become more present and take responsibility for your actions. Adventures with your dog will be joyful and worry-free. Just a small shift in mindset can make a profound difference for your dog.

Everyday life with your dog will be harmonious and fun. Little moments will bring great joy, and what once seemed like big obstacles will diminis and possibly disappear. I'm here to guide you as your dog will lead the way. Take action and empower yourself to live a vibrant and fulfilled life.

"You have given all of us a beautiful gift. This was for me the most incredible adventure I have had together with my dogs.
Georgina & Nadir
The Raidho Canine Way™
Effortless Connection - Develop a deep bond with your dog through 6 weeks of 2-way conversations
Clear paths forward - turn miscommunication into clarity by listening to your dog's perspective
 Peace of Mind - Embracing your dog's messages leads to decisive and cooperative choices
Confident Choices -Trust in your own knowingness and make choices that align with your family's lifestyle
Harmony -  Removing confusion and mystery by understanding the dog's emotions leads to stress-free living
Balance  -  Taking all perspectives into consideration followed by confident action leads to a balanced relationship
Laughs -  Our dogs tell it like it is, and just know that at times it is hilarious
Freedom -  Learning how our dogs mirror our energies gives us an opportunity to release stress and find great freedom in our life
Performance Enhancing Self-Esteem - Trial as a true team, with effortless understanding and clear communication.
Day-to-Day Zen - Discover the vital connection between your energy levels and your ability to be present for others in your life
 Let me be your guide on a profound co-created journey of soulful connection and unconditional love with your dog, unveiling a deeper understanding of their energy, communication, patterns, and personalities. Together, we will reach a new level of trust, reaching new heights in our relationship with our dogs. Release the grip of control and embark on a curious adventure. 
What Clients are Saying
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You changed our relationship and our lives.

Helping us to communicate on the same level improved our relationship 100%. Having a better understanding of who my girl really is and how she sees the world changed how I look at her. 
Kelly and Twisty P
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This was an amazing and magical experience.

Our life together has changed so much. Having so much more fun together, enjoying each day. He has changed from a dog who was all over the place to a calm and happy dog. 

This was for me, the most incredible adventure I have had together with my dogs 💞✨️🙏💃💞
Georgina & Nadir
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I had the time of my life.

I was blown away by the unique approach of having the dogs guide us through the sessions. I have a much stronger connection with all my dogs now.

Bettina Nowicki & Murphy
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Wow, such incredibly profound messages from all of them.

The communications give me such a deeper perspective of who I’m spending my life with! Something deep has been changing in them, in me and in our relationships ... in very practical ways too. 

Cécile & Her 5 Pack - Mon Chien, Mon Partenaire
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When I contacted Kim for communication with Donny, it was because I wanted Donny to have someone he could trust to have a conversation with.

Reading and recalling those times truly lifted me up too. It was a wonderful way to listen to Donny share his favourite memories with me.
Joanne & Donny - Animal Communications Insights
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Kim’s services and animal communication with my new pup Emmie simply blew me away.

The sessions provide a generous level of detail and insight and went above and beyond anything I was expecting. She works with you the owner and your pet to create more ease and harmony in the relationship.
Julie & Emmie - Julie Sanford Healing
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Kim has a wonderful way of creating the space for people and animals to feel safe, heard and understood. 

In her warm, friendly and easy going style, Kim opens up the communication channels between dogs and their carers. She gives dogs a voice, allowing them to share their own personal message for us. 

Sue & Charlie - Heart Connection Dogs
The Raidho Canine Way™
Canine Co-Creators
 8-week Dog-guided Adventure
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It is time to  free yourself from confusion and have some fun!
*** Limited Spots Available ***
It is time to Join the fun! Embark on this life-changing program!
Experience the incredible, soul-enriching bond with your dog that you never thought possible! By joining our Canine Co-Creators Adventure, you also become a member of Raidho Canine's community of passionate dog guardians, and you will set yourself apart from the rest. We will empower you to live a fulfilling life with your dog, fostering resilience and trust. Develop the confidence to take charge of your decisions, while encouraging your dog to do the same. 
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When you Join Canine Co-Creators Adventure you will receive
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Weekly 90-Minute Live Sessions - These sessions occur once per week Presentations will be created from the wisdom and insights of the dogs' communications. 
Weekly 60-Minute Open Office Hours - These sessions occur once per week for Q&A and Coaching. This will be an open discussion where we come together and share thoughts as a group.
One-to-One Private Session - A 60-minute session for individual work where we dive deeper into the topics you choose to explore. These may occur at any time, but plan on scheduling between week 7 and week 8
Access to session recordings - Rewatch and review each week's gatherings for as long as they exist.
Lifetime Access -  Canine Co-Creators Adventure material will be available to you for the lifetime of its existence
Enjoy a Private Group Within Raidho Canine's Circle Community for group participants only. 
Complimentary Ignite & Inspire Member Access - During the 8 weeks of Canine Co-Creators, enjoy complimentary access to the Ignite & Inspire Members Zone inside Raidho Canine's Circle community (discounted membership rates for a year after completion)
Investment Plan options will be made available
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Receive these bonuses when you invest  fully up front with one payment
BONUS 1: One additional one-to-one private session scheduled between week 4 and week 5
BONUS 2: A follow-up session for you and your dog. One full animal communication session for your dog with a Zoom consult for discussion. Schedule anytime within 6 months.
BONUS 3: 30 Days Free access to Ignite & Inspire Circle Member's Only group with Raidho Canine's Circle Community.
sign-up today to receive this adventure for an investment of only $2000.00 us
"You changed our relationship and our lives." 
Kelly & Twist
ACT NOW before it is TOO late!
Act now!!!  Spots are very limited!
Invest in a single full payment today and receive the full complement of bonuses!
BONUS 1: One additional one-to-one private session scheduled between week 4 and week 5
BONUS 2: A follow-up session for your dog. One session for your dog after the ending of our 8 weeks together. Schedule anytime within 6 months.
BONUS 3: 90 Days Free access to Ignite & Inspire Circle Member's Only group with Raidho Canine's Circle Community.
The discounts and bonuses are. only for a limited time, and when the offer expires. the investment value  increases forever!!!
It's Simple! Sign Up Today for Canine Co-Creators 8-Week Adventure
Follow the directions  below:
Click the Button Below to SIGN UP: Investing in full with one up-front payment will add on the 3 bonus offers!
Follow the directions in the welcome email to get started with sending important information to Kim. 
You are investing in your relationship with your dog and also with yourself: Come to the sessions live, be on time, ask questions, and have some fun!
Never hesitate to email or contact Kim with any questions or comments
Embrace a life of ease and joy for you and your dogs with our transformative program.
Bask in the result of your efforts as your relationship soars to new levels of love and understanding!
Sign up today to receive the limited-time 40% discounted investment rate. Receive 3 exclusive bonuses when you invest with a single payment. Bonus one is an additional one-on-one session with Kim. Bonus 2 is a final 7th session for your dog. Bonus 3 is an ignite & inspire coaching session for the human, to cover any questions.

Canine Co-Creators Adventure is a unique and cutting-edge experience where you will receive weekly communications from your canine companion. We will harness the power of the consistent communication and the group dynamic. This continued connection of simple and honest feedback from the animals will help you to learn and to grow not only your relationship with your dog but your relationship with yourself and all of life.

This is an incredible opportunity to meet like-minded humans and their dogs in a private and caring space. I take honesty and integrity very seriously, and my promise to you is to be your mentor and your guide through this beautiful process of self-discovery.

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