Cosmic Offerings
By Kim Howatt on September 27, 2023
The Power of Choice
The signs keep coming, fast and frequent, about how expansive the universe is and how we are all connected. I am continually in awe of the lessons offered, and continually humbled by how little I actually know.

This tale involves Jango, our 10-year-old Australian Shepherd. He was born in a rescue. A beautiful Aussie rescue that I volunteered for for many years. I have spent some time smiling at the great memories through this experience.

Jango is very independent, and he  loves to make choices. It took us some time together before we understood how important his freedom to choose was to him. We had never had a dog who felt this way.

Every dog is unique, and choice was something Jango desired. When he is able to participate in making choices, that is a feeling of safety for him.
As we began to nurture this need, our relationship blossomed and expanded beyond words. A few  examples of times we let Jango choose:

The dogs choose the length and path of our walks.

We separate  food so that they can choose what they wishes to eat each meal.  (I actually am fully on board with separate food, not touching, haha)

The dogs have free reign to explore and eat whatever is in our garden. Jango loves all berries, tomatoes, kale, collards, and cucumber.

One of my favorite things is to watch Jango choose whether he wishes to go to work or stay home with me. 99% of the time he is the first one at the door, not to be left behind. That 1% of the time, he runs to the other side of the house. It's very clear. He loves the office where there is lots of entertainment, interaction, snuggles, and treats!
Strange Behavior

On Tuesday, September 19, Jim left early for the office. It was raining and cold, and I woke up to a very cozy and snuggly Jango by my side. I did not think anything of it. The routine had changed a little, and the feeling of cooler weather was in the air. I was quite happy that he had stayed home with me. I always love having everyone at home.

At first the morning  seemed pretty normal. Jango, Zam, and I were doing our thing.

We went outside to check the gardens and explore. Rain does not usually deter Jango, but today he wanted to stay inside. There was no interest in playing in the rain today, and actually he wouldn't even leave the house for a potty trip without a lot of effort on my part  ... hmmm. Such strange behavior.

As the day moved on, Jango  was not interested in anything at all. He was acting depressed, and he slept all day. Our typically independent,  playful, and busy boy was really shut down. With his history, I have become quite aware of how easily I begin to worry. Today he was clingy, somber, and very snuggly. I wanted to worry. Such strange behavior. 

This uncharacteristic behavior continued on through the evening.  He  was uninterested in play and wrestling  with Zorii. Such   strange behavior.

Our boy only  wanted to snuggle and to be very close to his people. He needed to be touching us. I don't think he could have gotten any closer to me without climbing inside. Such strange behavior.

Jango normally would come by for a quick snuggle, offering his bum then his face then his bum, and he would be off again playing and doing his thing. He's very quick and always on the move. But today he was downright clingy, and he did not let me out of his sight.

Strange behavior indeed.

Cosmic Connection and A Forever Bond

We were settling in for the evening as we often do, packing up on the couch for a family snuggle and a show.  Before shutting off my phone for the night, I opened up Facebook one last time to check on events and any new messages. What I saw in my feed made my jaw drop and left me in awe.

One of Jango's littermates, Sydney, had transitioned earlier on this very day.  She was a beautiful red-tri girl. I began to look back at photos in the book that was created to highlight their youngest days. Jango was almost always right next to Sydney in the photos.  It feels as if they had quite a special bond as babies.

In an instant, Jango's behavior and the events of this day made complete sense.

He felt the disconnection, the  energetic shift. I knew that he needed this day at home to process this shift. He was grieving his sister's  leaving this Earth.  I  checked in with him many times that day. I offered to listen if he had something he wanted to say. He just crawled closer and said he was fine.  He just needed space and time. All he desired from us was some peace, quiet, and love.

How profound that they have not seen each other since they left the rescue as 9-week-old pups, but that energetic  connection remains as if they've never been apart.  We are all connected, and we are forever bonded.

Sydney, Jango, MeiMei

How much in this world we can't see or possibly know! I am constantly in awe at how connected we all are. Nothing is separate. Nothing is random. We often  don't understand the  meaning of things like this. We rarely see the depth of such incredible synchronicity.

On that Tuesday, I was granted the greatest of gifts. I was granted the gift of knowing. If I had not been on Facebook at that time, I would have missed this connection  completely, and I may have continued to think that Jango was becoming sick.

I am humbled and grateful for this incredible sign from the Universe. 


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The Next Day
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Jango has always had a prankster side. I love every last bit of his hilarious jokes and antics. When he was a puppy, he had many hilarious traits. Trying to play with multiple toys at one time, but he could not figure out how to carry the. Rearranging things in the house. Workout equipment, laundry, and rugs moved from here to there. Never destroyed... just redecorating. We never knew quite what we would find where.

The very next morning after his stay-at-home  day,  Jango stole the bath mat. He relentlessly  taunted me to come  and get it. Off like a cannon, he  ran out of the bedroom, down the hallway and down into the kitchen barking and mocking  me the entire way, with his mouth full of carpet. I laughed and knew that he was feeling quite fine once again. I cannot recall the last time he wanted to play this game.

I know of at least two from his litter who are now across the rainbow bridge.  Shae, Sydney and their people are all in our  thoughts.  I send so much love to them. I can feel their loss.

That's the thing, though, isn't it? We can feel  loss so deep in our soul. We mourn, and we remember, and we celebrate the life. But ... our dogs feel loss too.  Jango's behavior, it turns out, was not strange at all. He was honestly  honoring his feelings, and a sibling loss.  Bless him.

Jango is back waiting at the door to be the first one to the car when Jim goes to work!

It wasn't until I began doing this work that I began to understand that our animals grieve, too. They will uniquely express and process their emotions, but unlike humans  they will never hold back their honest feelings.

As I post this story, it is Jango's 10th Gotcha Day! 10 years ago on this day, we brought him home for the very first time.

Each of his brothers, sisters, and their families are in my heart. I have spent a lot of time looking back at photos and memories the past week.

Thank you, Sydney, for being a gift in this world and for teaching me this wonderful lesson about connection.

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The Raidho Canine Way™
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This article is for entertainment and information only. It is, of course, my opinion.

If you are ready to strengthen your bond with your dog, understand their needs, desires, and behaviors at a profound level, and gain awareness to our cosmic connections and reflections,  then let's work together side-by-side!

You will be amazed at the possibility when you begin to listen from a deep level. I am here to empower you, inspire you, and guide you as we share experiences and perspectives together with your canine family.

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