The Raidho Canine Way™
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Enlightenment Experience
Animal Communication brings forth a powerful opportunity for understanding and aligning with our dogs, soul to soul.

Including our dogs in our life in this way empowers the relationship through empathy, respect, and clarity.

The Raidho Canine Way™

focuses on the connection and deep relationship that is possible with our comapnions. They bring wisdom and insight through animal communication.

Working with Raidho Canine offers you a chance to experience what is not possible with a dog sport or  training class.

The ENLIGHTENMENT EXPERIENCE is for you if you prefer working privately.

The ENLIGHTENMENT EXPERIENCE is for you if you are ready to make a change and build an unshakable foundation with your dog.

The ENLIGHTENMENT EXPERIENCE is for you if you want to have a heart-to-heart back and forth conversation with your companion that is not based on guesswork and assumption.

The ENLIGHTENMENT EXPERIENCE is for you if you have a specific concern or challenge that you feel needs more concentrated sessions.

The ENLIGHTENMENT EXPERIENCE is for you even if there are no pressing worries or challenges but you want to experience a heart-to-heart lifestyle with your dog.

You are ready and capable. You have everything in you to make empowered choices for you and for your dog. This experience will help you to believe it.

Transform your relationships today.

I am excited to be a part of your journey with your dog.

 Canine Co-Creators Adventure 




We will enjoy 9 transformational weeks together.

CANINE CO-CREATORS is for you if you want to experience a dramatic upgrade in your relationship with your dog.

CANINE CO-CREATORS is for you if you want to have a blast with a small group of like-minded humans and their companions.

CANINE CO-CREATORS is for you if you want to spend quality time with your dog in an innovative and new way.

CANINE CO-CREATORS is for you if you want to create an unshakable foundation with your dog in a fun and playful way.

It is time to choose you, and it is time to follow your heart. You are amazing. Your dog is amazing. Come together and live amazing.

Join this one-of-a-kind transformative experience. Click below to see the details and apply!

Raidho Canine Connection Zone
A Circle Community
Join us in our membership community where we host events and workshops.

The FREE spaces have a place for discussion, and for keeping up with complimentary workshops and articles. This is where we just hang out and get to know one another.

The IGNITE & INSPIRE Subscription brings you into the fold where we gather live twice per month. You will add your animals to the Animal Wisdom Gallery, and twice per month the WAG gallery chooses a topic for discussion. We hear from the animals, from Kim, and from the members during the week, and close out with a live video. This is a place where we will continue to gather and grow alongside our companions. A perfect place to arrive after completing the Canine Co-Creators 9-Week Adventure.

Circle Community
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Ignite & Inspire Membership

Receive 2 months free when you pay for a year
$990 monthly
$990 for 1 year

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  Join our Membership comunity on the Circle Platform, where everyone participates!

ALL of your animals will join our Wisdom Animal Gallery (WAG) and become part of the story because they participate individually or as a group to bring forward topics and wisdom.

This is an enlightening, fun, and interactive place to become brilliant teammates with your animals!

Learn and grow alongside your dog so you can thrive every single day as brilliant teammates and dynamic partners!  

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