Heart & Soul Thoughts
Reflections of Rescues
by Kim Howatt - January 1, 2024
The wonder of our rescue dogs. Part 1 of a multi-part series where we dive into the challenges and beauty of our rescue dogs.
The Nose Knows
by Kim Howatt - October 3, 2023
Take a sniff around! This article opens a discussion about the importance of allowing our dogs the time they need to sniff and smell and explore the world in this way.
Cosmic Offerings
by Kim Howatt - September 27, 2023
Our Cosmic connection to all o flife is undeniable. I was recently granted the gift of a lesson, a knowing that was quite profound.
Power of Perspectives
by Kim Howatt - August 1, 2023
Have you ever considered the fact that we each have a unique perspective? One that is as unique as we are? Have you ever thought that our dogs also have a unique perspective as well? Read on to find out how that might affect our relationships!
The Heart of the Matter
by Kim Howatt - March 30, 2022
I LOVE symbology, and I love how all of life is constantly providing us with information and direction. We have a tendency to dismiss this information when we are distracted and not in present moment....
Aromatic Allies
Petitgrain Essential Oil
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Aromatic Ally 001
Petitgrain is made from the twigs and leaves of the bitter orange tree, bringing a floral, citrus, and fresh aroma. Petitgrain is quite calming to multi systems, bringing relaxed coolness.
Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
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Aromatic Ally 002
Roman Chamomile is distilled from the flowers of the chamomile plant, bringing a sweet, floral aroma that to me almost smells like bubble gum. Roman Chamomile is great as a tea using dried flowers, and our dogs love to eat them freshly dried as well. The essential oil is a systemic powerhouse, supporting our digestion, respiratory, and skin for starters.

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